Photo: Fernando Eduardo

The Pradarrum project arose from the desire to preserve, disseminate and value the musicality of Candomblé terreiros. Inspired by ancestral rhythms such as Ilú, Ijexá, Alujá, Kabila and others, Gabi melds rhythms and melodies from the Ketu, Gêge and Angolan regions with additional world music rhythms, such as salsa, samba, funk and jazz, thereby bringing to the fore a new way of approaching the terreiro’s music without hurting or exposing the sacred. The project also wishes to honor and keep alive the memory of the great Iyalorixás and Alabês, who have left their legacy of struggle and resistance in the maintenance of their communities, their stories and their spirituality.

Translated by Emma Melissa Saville


Águas de Oxalá


Gabi's Groove

Senhora Mãe